Tomorrow: An Apocalyptic Nightmare

It is a few years in the future and the nations of the world concur with the opinion of an unprecedented number of leading scientists: a combination of overpopulation, environmental change, and resource depletion has put the human species at imminent and dire risk. Something needs to be done – but what? In the span of a few weeks, top advisors and experts in each major world power conclude that the only way their people – and, indeed, all of humanity – will survive is via dramatic and immediate global de-population. With no one wanting to put their own people at risk, it will take aggressive and even inhumane acts to somehow save the world.

Tomorrow simulates a near-future in which six world powers struggle to save their people and culture in the face of imminent world calamity. You control one of six powers – the United States, the European Union, Russia, China, India, or the Arab Caliphate – in a live-or-die struggle to save the planet and your people, while preserving your culture and heritage for the generations hopefully to follow. Your objective is to contribute to the unavoidable de-population, while maximizing the goodwill of your people and the world. Tomorrow includes many exciting gaming elements:

High levels of social interaction: Much of the game is conducted via face-to-face diplomacy involving all six players.
Player determination: This low-luck game forces you to match wits with your antagonists – not roll dice – in order to beat them.
Variety: Every game is different thanks to a range of Event Cards that have many different effects on the action.
Various types of warfare to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses: You can choose to use Conventional Military or Terror, or even unleash Biological and Nuclear horrors.

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